trincomalee mornings


i watch my bulbs clasp the thinning edges of the wall,

like fingers knitting light

it is not yet ten o’ clock

the morning before Christmas



in my impatience i started reading

from the last line upward

so the image was of a basin of letters

sloshing around, breaking in ink

against the sides of my screen do you

remember how you said, last year, “it’s not that.

it’s just that i’m very aware

that all we do is exchange words”?



you were solemn in your message

-is it the sea that’s been weighing you down?

perhaps the need that has returned

with winter

to mute your thoughts before me

with the translucence of those large billowy wrappings

the beige sun has chased away

all your reckless serenades



i don’t mind.

and this morning at the end of december

as i pull myself out of bed

and let the heater flush my limbs

with a stark, electric, warmth

all make-believe all tedious preparations

fall away from me, like peace



when we shall lie, face to face

let there be bareness all around

let a prayer escape my lips

that your simplicity, your sanity

might find mine.


(thanks to Arctic Monkeys and Tammy Ho Lai-Ming)



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